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Attorney Franz N. Borghardt on Talk 107.3 discussing murder cases without bodies.

We are live with Attorney Franz N. Borghardt at Talk 107.3 with Bill Profita and Kevin Gallagher discussing the unfortunate “catfishing” case that was dismissed yesterday in Ascension Parish. He was declared innocent and you can also find the story on WBRZ Channel 2.

Discussing the Kevin Spacey case and trial by social media at Talk 107.3.

Attorney Franz N. Borghardt at Talk 107.3 with Dan Claitor talking about Legal Issues.

Discussion about the First Step Act and Criminal Justice Reform.

Discussing the Baton Rouge red light camera civil lawsuit and the ticketing process of these devices.

Discussion on the EBR Metro Council has left concerning the Body Camera Committee

Follow up discussion on the convenience store shooting case in Florida and "stand your ground doctrine".

Discussion on the recent Florida "Stand Your Ground" shooting that has drawn national attention and rekindled conversations about the legality of such shootings. Would this defense work in Louisiana? Should this individual have been arrested?

Should there be a change of venue for an African-American man who feels the Confederate monument outside a courthouse won't provide him with the opportunity for a fair trial?

Continuing the conversation in relation to Chief Edmonson and his decision to testify at LSP Commission hearing.

Discussing the legal implications of testifying at a hearing while under criminal investigation for federal charges. Will Chief Edmonson testify or assert his right to remain silent?

Attorney Franz N. Borghardt talking about the new Digital Wallet in the state of Louisiana.

Attorney Franz N. Borghardt talking about the proposed Louisiana Constitutional Amendment requiring unanimous juries in all felony criminal trials. Citizens will vote on this amendment in November.

Attorney Franz N. Borghardt speaking about the DA Diversion Program.

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Attorney Franz talking on the initiative to require turn signals when turning from turn only lane by the Baton Rouge City Prosecutor's Office.

Unanimous Jury Constitutional Amendment at Talk 107.3.
“As a Criminal Defense Attorney and a former Prosecutor, I like whole justice. I don't want half of justice or part of justice... I want 12 people's votes to each count and the only way we can have that is... if we have unanimous jury.”

“If we have unanimous juries, the entire jury’s voice gets listened to, for better or for worse. It doesn't discriminate against anyone- and thats where we are in history."

Unanimous Jury Constitutional Amendment at Face2Face with John Delgado.


What should you do when your firearm is stolen? Check out this talk at Talk 107.3.

"Things you might think, but should never say..." Discussion about the LSU Police Story.


Attorney Franz N. Borghardt discussing the contents and admissibility of the recordings from LSU Police. They may not have known they were being recorded, but that may not affect the ability of the defense to obtain the records for their defense.

Attorney Franz N. Borghardt discussing Hazing Legislation at Talk 107.3.