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criminal defense


From minor traffic infractions to serious white collar crime defense, The Borghardt Law Firm takes your criminal charges extremely serious. We represent people accused of crimes in city, state, and federal courts. Charges can effect your current life and your future. We offer exceptional representation focused on meeting your expectations and needs.

Here are the areas of Criminal Defense: 

1. Juvenile Representation
2. Drug Charges: Both Possession, Distribution, and Sales Cases.
3. Domestic Violence
4. White Collar Crimes: Medicare/Medicate Fraud Crimes, Theft of Intellectual Property, and Embezzlement
5.  Sex Crimes (such as Sex Trafficking)
6. Child Pornography and Internet Crimes
7. Crimes of violence: Assault, Battery charges, robbery, and serious felonies
8. DWI and OWI
9. Vehicular Homicide
10. Murder Charges (or Homicide) 
11. Self Defense Cases
12. Traffic Citations
13. Gun Rights and Charges



Franz Borghardt has over 10 years of courtroom trial experience. He tries cases in federal, state, and city courts. He is very comfortable trying your case before a judge or jury.

Trial work is very important and Franz Borghardt can assist you in matters that need to be tried to get the best resolution and outcome. 











Civil Cases


The Borghardt Law represents people in need of civil representation, whether through personal needs or through business representation. From car accidents to serious bodily injury, from wills and estate planning to starting a business, the firm will address your matter in a personal and efficient manner.

Here are the areas of Civil Representation:

1. Personal Injury Cases
2. Car Accidents and 18 Wheeler Cases
3. Domestic and Family Law Representations
4. Temporary Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
5. Business creation, development, risk management
6. Civil Rights Cases
7. Administrative Matters: Licensing Representation, Alcohol and Tobacco Control Violations, and Administrative Courts
8. Contract and Lease Breach and Enforcement