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The Borghardt Law Firm is sponsoring a new leadership initiate that we are very excited about! The program is Leading BR and is presented by Geaux Rouge. We are celebrating leaders that are making a difference in our community and, through their efforts, cultivating future leaders. The program will have monthly spotlights, interviews, and a leadership expo in 2018. The initiative will spotlight people in the Baton Rouge community who are leading by example.

Check out the interviews below.
Ryan Harris-  Chess Academy of Greater Baton Rouge
Eric Dexter - Urban Congress
Mathew Laborde and Chelsea Borruano - Forum 35
Stephanie Possa- Tyler and Possa Professional Law Corporation
Ashley Argrave and Ari Latino-  Deaf Focus
Erik Showalter - Baton Rouge General Hospital
Chris Meaux- CEO of WaiTR
Kris Cangelosi- Artistic Director of the Cangelosi Dance Project and Big Wigs
John Lundin - Lundin Nutrition
Deborah Sternberg- Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge
Meredith Laborde and Morgan Kastner- Barton Leadership Program
Jacob Jolibois and Abe Felix - altBR x Parachute.FM
David Tatman- The Tatman Group
T.C Matherne + Betty Mujica- The Leather Apron Theatre Co.
Zelma Murray Frederick - Junior League of Greater Baton Rouge
Chris Meyer - New Schools for Baton Rouge