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Attorney Franz Borghardt elected President of LACDL

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Franz Borghardt is Elected President of the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

                  People often ask, “what sort of lawyer are you?” What they really mean is, “what kind of law do you practice?” While the Borghardt Law Firm is a general law practice, it is safe to say the focus of the practice is criminal defense. As a lawyer I’ve been involved in the criminal justice system for over a decade and for most of that time period, I’ve been a member of the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have served on the LACDL Board and Executive Board of Officers. I have always believed that LACDL is an asset to representing individuals accused of crimes in Baton Rouge and throughout the state of Louisiana.

                  Like any good association, LACDL focuses on assisting and furthering the betterment of its members and the interests of their clients. LACDL lobbies at the Louisiana Legislature on behalf of the Louisiana Criminal Defense Bar, provides support services and networking opportunities for its attorneys statewide, and holds multiple continuing legal education seminars. As of 2017, there are nearly 500 LACDL members statewide and the organization has held ten seminars throughout the state dedicated and focused on criminal defense topics. The organization helps cultivate leadership and make better lawyers.

                  In early December, LACDL held its annual election for the LACDL Board and Executive Board of Officers. I was extremely honored and humbled to be elected the youngest President in the history of LACDL. To be sure, I look forward to serving the organization and working to represent the Louisiana Criminal Defense Bar. This includes working towards Louisiana Criminal Justice Reform and ensuring exemplary representation to individuals accused of a crime. It is my pleasure to serve the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as the 2018 President.

Franz Borghardt