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Lawyering by Example


Mission statements are all about defining a company’s purpose and explaining why it exists. This statement often includes a vision of what the company aspires to be. A road map that plots the path and destination. When I formed The Borghardt Law Firm, I knew what principles were most important to my mission statement. Of course, a successful lawyer strives to provide exceptional legal representation and winning results. Most lawyers desire these as their standards and cultivate their practices to achieve them. Others boast these attributes when in fact they aren’t really their goals and are absent in their representation. These goals are very reasonable but I want more.

The mission of The Borghardt Law Firm is centered on serving the community. As a lawyer, I want my profession to serve the community, but more importantly, to make the community better. The mission of The Borghardt Law Firm is to “make a distinct difference in the community.” I truly believe that this focus allows better service to clients because it focuses on bettering them, their opportunities, and the community as a whole. I also believe this mission betters the legal profession. Making a distinct difference in the community means “lawyering by example.” It means working to improve the legal system inside the courtroom and to improve the community. It means participating in organizations, movements, projects, and services that help make things better. It means serving in positions of leadership. It means caring.

The Borghardt Law Firm stands for the proposition that caring about people isn’t just something we do for our clients, but something we should do for the people that we call our community. Making a distinct difference in the community means lawyering by example. Making a difference in client’s lives and their cases also means lawyering by example. It is the mission of my law firm and the vision of its future.


Franz Borghardt