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Second Chances are Earned

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Let’s say you are asking a prosecutor or a judge for a second chance. Let’s say you are asking for leniency. What factors do you think they would consider in taking a risk on you? 

Second chances mean that you probably have done something wrong. At the very least, you are accused of wrong doing. Maybe it’s a minor crime. Maybe it’s a terrible crime. Second chances mean that this is probably your first encounter with the justice system. If first impressions are important, then you have already failed. What can you do? How will you show everyone you are deserving of consideration?

1. You must change the landscape of the system’s perception of you. The justice system is about taking calculated risks. The prosecutor and judge need to believe that you are a risk worth taking. You can assist in this by mitigating and showing another side of who you are. Perhaps that means enrolling in treatment, getting a GED, or providing proof of a full time job. You must show the system that the sum of who you are is not incapsulated in the crime you are accused of committing. 

2. You must show all the key players in the justice system that you respect the process. You must show that you genuinely care and take the process very serious. This means showing up on time (and really, early). It means dressing in a respectful manner. It means showing respect in what you say in court and in all things that you do during the process. 

3. You must convince everyone that you will never be apart of the justice system again. The decision to give you a second chance needs to be founded by the knowledge that this will be the last time anyone will ever see you in the system again. They must believe it and know it. How can you show this? Actions speaks louder than words.  

You are not entitled to a second chance. They are earned. You may have made a terrible mistake but don’t make things worse by failing to properly navigate your way through the system. Contact our office today to get more information on pursing your second chance. 

Franz Borghardt