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What about those red light camera tickets?

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You get a letter in the mail that says you have a red light camera ticket. It says that you can pay a small fine to resolve it. It provides you a link to observe a video of the infraction. Should you pay it? Should you challenge it? What happens if you don’t pay it.

Most red light camera tickets are civil infractions in nature. They may not be a criminal traffic citation (this is where the police office gives you a ticket for running a red light). If it is civil in nature, then failure to pay the ticket may effect your credit and leave you open to civil penalties. If this is a civil ticket, then it shouldn’t affect your insurance. If it is a criminal traffic ticket for running a red light and you have a court date, you must appear. Failure to show up could lead to a bench warrant and have implications on your driver’s license. 

You have a right to a hearing on the red light camera ticket, where you can argue your case before an administrative judge. The judge can find an infraction happened, no infraction happened, or possibly reduce it. It costs money to have the hearing and you may pay more if you lose. There’s always the possibility of winning, 

Don’t hesitate to contact the BLF to assist you in these red light tickets or any other traffic or criminal law issue you might have. We are here for you. 

Franz Borghardt