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What do you do when you are stopped by police and you feel like they are in the wrong?

Occasionally citizens are stopped by police. This happens when the police observe a crime or are investigating a potential crime. But what about the times when the police stop someone and that person feels like they’ve done nothing wrong? That they haven’t broken a law? That, in fact, the police are the ones in the wrong?

Here’s some tips:

1. Remain calm and comply with the requests from the police. Getting angry, loud, or disrespectful will only exacerbate the situation. We want to win the war, not the battle. Noncompliance seldom plays out well. 

2. Politely and calmly request that the police officer inform you why you are being stopped. Ask if you are under arrest and free to leave. Ask if the officer is recording the conversation. 

3. If the police will not explain why you are being stopped or that you are not free to leave, then should exercise your right to remain silent and request your attorney. Ask to call your attorney. (The attorney’s card should be kept in your wallet). 

Remember, being right in the moment can play out badly if a situation is escalated or elevated. If you are in the right, you will ultimately be just that, in the right. It is better to resolve your encounter the correct way. Remember, we are trying to win the war. Contact the BLF for more information.  

Franz Borghardt