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Don’t Panic and Have A Plan

Bad things occasionally happen. Accidents happen. Things break. Sometimes those we care about get arrested and accused of breaking the law. These moments are incredibly stressful and it is easy to panic. With a little thought and planning, these moments can be less stressful and better handled. Here’s a few tips for dealing with these situations:

1. Keep an emergency list of contacts. This is a list of who to contact in case the worst of the worst happens. Doctors, dentists, contractors, plumbers, and, of course, your lawyer. AC goes out? Good thing you have an air conditioning guy already on your list! 

2. Take a deep breath and get information. You are going to call someone on your emergency list, but they are going to need information. Take notes. Make sure your notes have names and contact information for the key players in the emergency. 

3.  Keep a list of medical conditions and prescribed medicines for family members and loved ones.

4. Lastly, spend some time listing a plan of action. Make a list of things you need to accomplish in this emergency situation. The experts will help with that list. Staying busy with a well thought out list of action items can improve the situation. 

You can’t control life but you can plan for the worst. Sometimes bad things happen, but with some planning, they become less terrible and more manageable. 

Franz Borghardt