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Following the GPS route into the ocean. 

“Intelligence is like following a GPS route right into a body of water until you drown. Wisdom looks at the route but, when it takes a turn into the ocean, decides not to follow it, then finds a new, better way. Wisdom reigns supreme.” -Terry Crews

Would you follow GPS routing directions that told you to drive straight into the ocean? Or into the side of a building?  Would you listen to advice from someone, particularly an authority figure or expect, that just doesn’t seem to line up with common sense? Just like a GPS route that tells you todo something you know you shouldn’t, you should never heed advice that flies in the face of good old fashioned wisdom and common sense. When faced with this decision making dilemma, here are some suggestions:

1. Don’t just act. Hit the breaks and think for a second. “Does this advise make sense to me? Will it improve my situation?” You aren’t a lemming and you don’t have to act just because everyone else is jumping off the cliff. And, just because everyone has done something a certain way, doesn’t mean it is the right way for you. 

2. Ask the most important question, “why?” Why am I being told to do X, Y, and Z? What’s our goal? What do we want to accomplish? Ask questions. Ask questions until you get answers. 

3. When in doubt, ask for an opportunity for a second opinion. If the advise or instruction you are getting seems unreasonable or incorrect, then see if someone else gives you the same suggestion. A second opinion can be an asset before making a tough decision. 

Leading with common sense is better than following bad advise. Never act on advise or instructions that seem suspect. 

Franz Borghardt