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Community Investment and Serving on Boards

In the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, I am often asked how do I make time to serve on non-profit boards or be a member of charitable organizations? My answer, I make time. Belonging to charitable organizations and serving on boards is an investment in your community. Whether raising money to fight breast cancer or serving as a mentor to a young person, being “involved” means bettering the space around you. In fact, many youth programs don’t just focus on the here and now, but instead cultivate future leadership and entrepreneurs. 

So what should you know before getting involved or agreeing to serve on boards? 

  1. What are the financial obligations of being a member on the board? Many boards expect you to fundraise for the organization. Some require a contribution. You should always ask what the financial responsibilities are before joining. 
  2. Does service to this board or organization create a conflict of interest for you? Serving on a board means having a duty of loyalty and a fiduciary duty to the board and its organization. That means putting the interests of the organization before yours. If you have a conflict of interest, don’t serve.
  3. Is this an organization that is going to be meaningful to you such that your service will both better the community and help you grow as a person? Being a part of something that we can pour our hearts into matters, particularly if that organization is a “passion project” for you. Try to connect to places that make sense to your priorities and interests. 

Community involvement betters your surroundings and betters you.  It is the best form of connectivity and networking. Go find your vehicle of service, get involved, and make time! 

Franz Borghardt