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The IRS doesn’t typically make threatening calls: Avoiding phone scams...

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Have you received a call stating you owe taxes to the IRS? Or maybe a call from a stranger stating that a loved one has been arrested and needs a sum of money to be bailed out? Or maybe some other random call threatening something or requesting a money payment? Sound familiar?

Most of these calls are scams. The IRS doesn’t typically make phone calls. Your loved one would probably have called himself had he been arrested. Take a deep breath and put your credit card back in your wallet. Do not give them any money. 

Our advise? Get their contact information and gather verifiable information. They say you owe taxes but you know you have paid? That is easy enough. Call your CPA and verify. Your loved one has been arrest? Where are they being held? Call the jail to verify. Get info that you can double check. If they won’t answer your questions, then you know they are scamming you. 

We understand. It’s an emergency call and you have an urgent need to act. Slow down. Gather info and verify. Contact the Borghardt Law Firm to assist you.  

Franz Borghardt