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What lesson can we all learn from Kevin Hart and tweeting?

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Not withstanding Kevin’s views on gay individuals, parenting, or the LGBT world, we can all agree that we learned an important lesson about his actions. A tweet has no “statute of limitations”. It doesn’t expire. It doesn’t go away. 

The internet is forever. Once you post something on social media or put something out there, it is out there. Even if you take a post down, once it is up it is up. 

What’s the BLF tip of the week? Be extremely careful with what you post on social media. Kevin Hart is a star, you might say. He is different, isn’t he?  Your social media can adversely affect your job, your advancement, and your civil or criminal cases. What you post today can forever be used against you, even years down the road. Sometimes, just don’t tweet.

Franz Borghardt