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When dealing police officers, whether a traffic stop or during a criminal investigation, always remember the following:

1. Be respectful: “Yes sir, no sir. Yes ma’am, no ma’am.” When addressing law enforcement officers, it is important to remember that respect will get you a lot further than anger, frustration, and disrespect. When giving information or addressing police, it’s always smarter to be respectful.

2. Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent: You have a constitutional right to remain silent. You have a constitutional right against self-incrimination. Remain respectful but tell the police, “Officer, I am exercising my constitutional right to remain silent and not answering questions.” Your must give your name and identification if requested, but that’s it. Remain calm, respectful, and silent.

3. Request Your Attorney: You have a constitutional right to have your attorney present during questioning by law enforcement. You should always have your attorney’s contact information on a card in your wallet. Ask to have your attorney present before answering any questions. Remain calm, respectful, ask for your attorney, and remain silent.

These are critical tips to consider when faced with police investigations. Make sure you follow these tips and contact the BLF for more information.  

Franz Borghardt